Why Buy From a Local Bike Shop?

You can sit on your couch, open up a web browser, and do a search for a road bike or gravel bike. And a few clicks later, purchase a bike and have it shipped to your home. Or go to a local big box store and buy one from its showroom floor.

But with the cost of even a decent bike starting at $1,000, wouldn’t you rather find a local bike shop and actually see and feel what you’re buying? Wouldn’t you like to know that it’s been assembled properly with service and support to keep it on the road?

Why buy from a local bike shop? There are quite a few reasons.

Seeing Is Believing

Unless you’re experienced and know precisely what bike you want to buy, it just makes sense to visit a bike shop to know what you’re buying. Bike sizing is important. You need to make sure the bike fits your body to make your ride as enjoyable as possible.

There’s nothing like feeling the frame underneath you to make sure you’re comfortable. A lot of bike shops will let you take the bike out for a spin to give you an even better feel for the fit.

Plus, no one wants to just buy a bike. There are tons of different bike gear that can make your ride even better … grips, saddles, bicycle helmets, cycling eyewear, and cycling apparel. Why limit yourself strictly to an online shopping experience when you see, and feel, everything for yourself? Local bike shop staff can give you good recommendations for bike gear to complement your experience.

Bikes Need To Be Built

Bikes typically require assembly. Do you think a box store has the same expertise in assembling your bike that a local bike store will have? Their concern is getting the bike assembled so it can go on the store-room floor. Experienced bike shop staff want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

Just as important, there are tools specifically designed for bike assembly. There’s a great deal of fine-tuning to assemble a bike that rides well and is mechanically sound. You want someone with experience putting your bike together.

There’s also the question of part quality. Will your brakes fail because of improper assembly? Will your tires go flat because of improperly installed bike tubes?

A Bike Fitting Makes a Big Difference

What’s really missing when you purchase a bike online is a bike fitting. It’s so important to have your bike fit your body for so many reasons. A proper bike fit will:

·         Improve your overall comfort

·         Prevent repetitive stress injuries

·         Reduce fatigue

·         Reduce saddle discomfort

·         Reduce back, knee, and wrist pain

·         Reduce hot foot

·         Improve overall performance

A good local bike shop will offer professional bike fitting services.

Even Bikes Need Repairs

There is no question bikes aren’t as complex as a sports car. But like any other mechanical product, bikes eventually need repairs or at least fine-tuning.

Wheels, hubs, and brakes need periodic adjustments. Chains need replacement. Pivot points need lubrication. Unless you’re mechanically inclined, it pays to have a local bike repair shop that offers repairs.

You can also get tune-ups to make sure you’re getting the most from your ride.

Even if you are mechanically inclined, you’ll need to get the right bicycle parts for repairs. A local bike shop with an experienced bike repair staff will make sure you get the right parts. They know what components fail and what brands provide the best solutions.

Cranksets, for example, can come with different chainring combinations, different bottom brackets, and different crank arm lengths. Having local expertise handy can make the difference between getting the right part or ordering a part online and having to return it. 

By the way, see how quickly a box store or online purchase will help you with warranty issues. Your local bike store will make sure you’re taken care of.

A Local Bike Shop Gives a Damn

Most small cycling shop owners are in the business because they love cycling. They ride actively and gather the kind of expertise you’ll never get from a big box store.

They’re not trying to sell you a product. They’re trying to sell you on the entire cycling experience so that you’ll come to love it as much as they do. They’ll make sure your bike is the right size and adjusted just right for you.

That love for cycling extends to the customer support you’ll get. If you have questions after your purchase, your local cycling shop will be happy to answer your questions. They want you to be satisfied. Their reputation is on the line.

Small Businesses Make a Difference

When you buy from a local bike shop, you support small businesses and your community. The dollars you spend at your local bike store support the local economy. That kind of support is more important than ever with COVID concerns.

Plus local bike shops support the community and can give you tips on local bike events, biking trails, the best bikes for local riding conditions, and more. Local bike shop owners love passing on their cycling knowledge to you.

Think Local

If you’re in the market for a new bike or even a used bike, do yourself a big favor. Check out your local bike shop. You have a lot to gain.

Our bike shop is nearby in Mt. Kisco with convenient access off major routes. Stop by or give us a call. We want to make sure you get the best bike for your needs.

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