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Bike Gear

We have top bike accessories at our Mt. Kisco bike shop, so many that you’ll have a tough time deciding which ones to choose! So how do you choose the right bicycle accessories for your bike?  That’s why we’re here … our job is to help you find just the items you need. We scour the whole cycling industry and pick the best brands and bike products. We not only find the top bicycle accessories, but we also test them before you even see them. That means that the products in our shop have earned the right to be here, and we are confident in recommending them to you.

Bike Helmets

It really goes beyond a mere bicycle accessory … any serious cyclist should be wearing a helmet, and these days that helmet should include MIPS or Wavecel technology to make sure you’re buying the safest helmet possible.  For more information on the latest helmet safety,  read this.

Our customers’ favorite:   Bontrager Solstice MIPS 

Cycling Glasses

Keep road debris, harmful sun rays, and bugs out of your eyes with lightweight cycling sunglasses. For a great functional sunglass that is also really good looking, check out the Good’rs. There are so many colors to choose from that we have customers buy several pairs to match their bike gear.
Our customers’ favorite:   Good’r Silverback Squat Mobility

Bike Lock

With estimates of bike theft as high as 1.5 million each year, let’s start with the basics … a good bike lock. It’s one of those bicycle accessories you really can’t do without. Most are tested by an independent tester known as Sold Secure and rated as Bronze, Silver or Gold. Gold Sold Secure locks stand up against large bolt croppers and an HCT hacksaw over a minimum five-minute trial.

U- locks are popular, especially when coupled with a cable lock through your wheels. Regardless of the type of lock, it’s a worthwhile investment that starts at around $50.

Our customers’ favorite:  The Kryptonite New York Lock– one of the only locks suitable for use in a big city or a college campus. 

Bike Lights

It’s one of those bicycle accessories you need. Period. After all, it’s required by law that you have a white front light and a red rear light if you’re going to cycle before dawn and after dusk. Laws aside, it’s just smart. Lights for illumination will range from 500 lumens to well above 1,000 lumens, and come with a variety of modes. Rear lights are typically around 30-100 lumens. Get a USB rechargeable set and run them during the day and at night!

Our customers’ favorite:  The Cygolite Hotrod set

Cycling Pedals

Because cyclists are choosy about pedals, they come as an accessory on many bikes. Or you can get them as an upgrade for bikes where they are included. Clipless pedals are the pedal of choice for road cyclists as they deliver better power transfer.

Our customers’ favorite:  Look Keo Classics

Bicycle Air Pumps

Tires need air. You need a way to get the air into the tires. So you need a good bicycle air pump as one of your bicycle accessories. Bikes, at least in the U.S., typically use two types of valves, one from Presta and another from Schrader. The former is usually used with bikes over about $500 and the latter with more recreational bikes. Most pumps now work with both without any adapters- this is called a smarthead and worth the price of entry! You should invest in a floor pump to use at home and a frame-mounted pump for on-the-road inflation. 

Our customers’ favorite: Trek Charger 

Bike Computer

If you’re the type who just likes riding for fun, you may look at a bike computer as just that, a bicycle accessory. After all, you could just use your phone for some things. But if you’re an avid cyclist, it’s almost a necessity. You can find out almost anything … speed, distance, calories burned, elevation, and more. If you want to know more about bike computers, just click here.

Our customers’ favorite:   Cateye Padrone

Bicycle Bells

They disrupt the lines of your bike and they’re often thought of as a frilly item for beach riders, but bicycle bells have grown in popularity. Even Tour de France riders use them! Why have one? They let someone know you’re coming especially if you’re going around a blind corner unless you just prefer yelling. They can actually be stylish and make a nice sound. They make you part of a bike riding pack. And in some areas, they’re required by law.

Our customers’ favorite:  Electra Bells

Water Bottle Cages

If you’re going to cycle, you need to hydrate. That means you’re going to carry a water bottle. But how do you carry the water bottle? Answer … with a water bottle cage, of course. Where bicycle accessories are concerned, they don’t cost much, are easy to install, take up little space, and will keep your water bottle handy when you need to hydrate.

Our customers’ favorite:   Bontrager Elite Water Bottle Cage

Cycling Cream

Really? Cycling Cream? Yes, really especially if you ride all the time. It just happens … saddle sores and chafing that come from the friction created by pedaling and sitting. Enter cycling cream. It minimizes friction and keeps bacterial build-up away. Just apply chamois cream before you ride and you’ll have smooth sailing … literally.

Our customers’ favorite:  Enzo’s Chamois Cream

And there you have it. Some of the top bicycle accessories on hand at our Mt. Kisco bike store. Of course, we’re always looking for new bike accessories and bike products that we want to add to our mix. If you’re looking for bicycle accessories that we don’t stock, we’ll be happy to order it for you. All you have to do is ask!

Below are just a few of the many quality brands that we carry:

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Whether you’re looking for bike accessories near you in the Westchester County area, a new bike, or just need some bike repairs, stop by our bike shop. We have everything you need to hit the road, trail, or mountains!