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Cycling Apparel

Welcome to the world of cycling apparel … jerseys, shorts, tights, jackets, tights, leg warmers, shoes, socks, and more. After all, if you’re going to ride, why not look good? Cycling apparel is available for men, women, and kids. Our cycling apparel selection is bound to impress you.  We carry bicycle clothing that delivers the ultimate fit, function, and value for all your cycling needs.  Whether you’re looking for something for an upcoming race or triathlon, or simply a spin around the block, we have what you need. 

Here’s a rundown of some of our top bike clothing items:

Bike Jerseys

Material type is important with a bike jersey. Form-fitting materials, like Lycra® spandex, reduce drag when you ride while always wicking away sweat to keep you drier. Typically offered in tighter and looser cuts, you can choose the fit that makes you feel most comfortable. 

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts have added stretch to give you full freedom of movement while riding. Their padded crotch liner reduces friction, wicks moisture, and generally makes riding more comfortable. Bike shorts use a panel construction with a padded liner that actually gets pretty complex. You can get various shapes, thicknesses, and materials. These vary among brands and even across genders.

Bike shorts are cut longer than regular shorts and have leg grippers to keep them in place and avoid chafing. In addition, you can look into mountain bike shorts (baggies), bib shorts, and even skorts for women. During colder months, capris, tights and leg warmers are available.

Cycling Jackets

Cycling jackets come in different weights for all types of riding temperature ranges. A lightweight and foldable windbreaker jacket is always a necessary for any cyclist’s wardrobe. As it gets colder, you’ll need to move into a thicker jacket that offers insulation and total windproofing to keep your core warm. 

Cycling Glasses

Cycling Glasses are very important for proper eye protection and safety. We stock the best brands in a wide array of styles to fit different face shapes and head sizes. We are a Good’r dealer as well, which specialize in casual glasses that stay in place when you ride, but look equally good off the bike. 


The list is long. Choose from any or all of the following items:

  • Socks: Cycling socks are thin, wicking and lightweight so your feet stay dry and comfortable while you ride. You can beef up to a merino wool sock in the colder temperatures to insulate more. 
  • Caps: A headband or a thin skullcap may be best for hotter months to act like a sweat barrier and help wick moisture. These layers get thicker and insulated for winter riding, but still fit under your helmet well. 
  • Gloves: Short-cut fingers are the best choice for warmer temps.  They typically have a padded palm and moisture wicking materials. Of course, in winter you’ll want the full-finger version.
  • Arm and Leg Warmers: Warmers are basically a fleece or wool sleeve that fits over your arms or legs and are designed to be worn with your jersey and shorts to keep your arms and legs warmer in cooler temperatures. When it dips below 50 degrees, you’ll need to consider full tights and jackets to keep those extremities toasty. 

Top Names in Cycling Apparel

Our selection of cycling clothing vendors includes Pearlizumi, Louis Garneau, Bontrager, Endura, Craft, and Assos, just to name a few. Triathlon clothing is in stock from Pearlizumi and Louis Garneau.  

Bicycle World also sells our famous biking “kit” made by Louis Garneau. We stock our kit with bib shorts and 2 fits of jerseys (a looser and a tighter cut).  The kits are 50% off for anyone who buys a bike from our shop!

Our staff regularly attends training sessions offered by cycling apparel manufacturers so that we can help you find just the right cycling apparel to make your cycling experience more comfortable and functional. Stop by and see the entire line!

Comments from Our Customers

“Bicycle World is amazing. If they don’t have it, they can get it. They make sure you’re taken care of when you leave. Great service,great selection, great prices ,everything you want in a bike shop!”- Alice Herde