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Kids Bikes


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Stop by our shop or call 914-666-4044 to find the bike that's right for you.

Kids bikes can help give your child freedom, fun, and a step toward independence.  Choosing the right size bike is critical. You can count on our staff to help you make the right decision.  We offer all sizes of children’s bikes from 12″ to 24″, with options in each category.  Keep in mind that buying a quality kids bike is critical to the safety of your young rider.  All of our bikes are professionally assembled by trained mechanics.  The brands we sell offer the very best in frame and component durability.

Bicycle World offers a trade-in program on kids bikes that we sell, as well as on bike shop branded children’s bikes from other shops (assuming they are in good condition).  We recondition the bikes for resale or donate them to charitable organizations throughout the year.  If you’re interested in trading your bike, please bring it to the shop for evaluation.

We also carry Torker Scooters. Lots of fun for riders up to 150 pounds!

Be sure to check out our bicycle accessories and helmets for kids.

Having trouble teaching your child to ride a bike? Professor Pedals can help. Contact them for information on how they can help you!

Kids bikes give your children enjoyment and keep them active.