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Think of mountain bikes as an all-terrain-vehicle. You can ride pretty much anywhere you like.  best suit the rider who wants the ability to ride on all types of terrain. You’re key selection criteria include suspension, wheel size, frame materials, gearing and brakes. Cyclists, for example, choose bikes with front suspension (hardtails) for their low weight, durability, agile feel, and precise handling. Whereas, mountain bikes with front and rear suspension allow greater control and comfort in all conditions.

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Mountain bikes fall into various categories. A trail bike is the most common mountain bike style because they are fundamentally designed just for fun … hitting the trail with friends and having a good time outdoors. Cross-country bikes are for fast riding and designed for climbing owing to their efficiency and low weight. Fat bikes come with oversized tires to give them superior traction in snow or sand. This mountain bike style is great for beginners because the fat tires add stability to your ride. Finally, there’s the all-mountain bike designed to perform well on steep descents while also being light and nimble enough to pedal uphill.

Some other considerations when buying a mountain bike include:
Wheel size: 26 in., 27.5 in. or 29 in.
Frame material: aluminum, steel, titanium or carbon fiber
Gears: single speed to 30 or more
Brakes: disc, hydraulic, cable activated or rim

That’s a lot to take in. If you can’t decide and want to get the perfect mountain bike for you cycling needs, stop by the bike store and speak with one of our sales experts. And don’t forget to ask them about professional fitting services that will make your rider even more enjoyable.


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"I'm new to riding bicycles, and started so that I could do something fun with my son. I brought my bike in for a tune-up, and could not be happier. Everyone there was very friendly, and very knowledgeable. They helped me bring the bike in, and got me all sorted out within minutes. The tune-up was extremely thorough and took a lot less time than I was expecting. Now my bike rides wonderfully and my son and I are having fun riding trails. Bicycle World is awesome. Thank you."- Dara Sealy