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Road Bikes for Sale in Westchester County


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Stop by our shop or call 914-666-4044 to find the bike that's right for you.

We have road bikes for sale at our Mt. Kisco bike shop to fit any cyclist. From the Tour de France to a recreational Sunday ride, our road bikes span the complete spectrum – covering every rider, style, and performance need. Road bikes have a lightweight frame typically made from aluminum or carbon-fiber with narrow wheels and tires and are made for speed, agility, and efficiency.  They’re designed for fitness nuts, event riders, and competitive riders.

Our bike shop has a great selection of men's road bikes.
 Select from road bikes like Trek, Jamis, Argon, Felt, Cervelo and Parlee.

So how do you go about selecting the right road bike for your needs? Start by asking yourself some questions. What style bike do you ride now?  What bikes are your friends riding? What’s your budget for a road bike?  Keep in mind that road bikes are designed for pavement riding and speed. So if you’re friends are looking to climb mountains, you might want to consider a mountain bike.

Road Bike Sizing is Important
The single most important part of buying a road bike is getting the bike that fits you perfectly.  You’ll want to pay attention to the seat height and horizontal positioning, reach and drop to the handlebars and body angles in relation to the bike. The more comfortable you are on your road bike, the fewer aches and pains you’ll endure. It also enhances your pedaling efficiency and bike handling so you can better enjoy your riding. It pays to get professional fitting services. Just ask us and we’ll take care of you. 

The biggest factor impacting road bike costs are the frame material you select and the overall quality of its components. We carry bikes from the industry’s top suppliers:  Trek, Felt, Jamis, Cervelo, and Argon18. Stop by and take a test drive and see why a road bike might just be the perfect choice for your cycling needs.

Not sure if a road bike is for you? Try renting one of our road bike rentals for the weekend to see if you love it as much as we do! When you’re ready to buy we have a large selection of road bikes for sale at our Westchester County bike store.


Comments from Our Customers
"Technical support is the best in Westchester County. (Perhaps it's the best in the entire NY metro area.) The proprietor, Eric Marcos, is the finest wrenchman this side of the Tour de France. With an engineer's mind, and the perspective of an accomplished athlete, Marcos is "the guy" you want to tackle ultra precise race-day tunes as well as devise creative solutions for difficult cycling challenges. I live between Manhattan and Aspen, Colorado, and I have found no better mechanic. Whether you're participating in your first or tenth Ironman triathlon, or just haul your butt up to the top of Mount Washington, Bicycle World is the place to go for relevant advice about your bike and all of its components."- Evan Marks