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Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses and cycling sunglasses are important for protecting your eyes while riding. Even when the sun isn’t shining, you should be wearing cycling glasses.

Your eyes need protection from harmful UV rays and sunshine. Lighter colored eyes tend to be even more sensitive to light than darker eyes. There are many tints of lenses and you should pick one that is dark enough to protect your eyes but not so dark that you’ll have trouble seeing in shade or overcast conditions. 

Cycling glasses also protect your eyes from bugs and road debris. Everyone who has ridden before has a story about bugs flying into their eyes or debris kicking up from a rider in front of them. Glasses prevent all of that from being an issue. Sadly, cycling sunglasses won’t keep bugs from getting in your mouth; not much we can do about that!

Weather is also a factor; wind and rain are tough to ride in without eye protection. Wind can dry out your eyes, especially if you’re a contact lens wearer. You should choose cycling glasses with sufficient wrap around and total coverage so that wind won’t get in from the sides or under the lenses. But, make sure the lenses don’t contact your cheeks so that you can speak and smile comfortably. 

Finding the right pair of cycling sunglasses can take a bit of trying on and we carry a large selection of bike glasses, with and without interchangeable lenses, to fit everyone.  It’s a good idea to bring your bicycle helmet with you when trying on cycling sunglasses, so you know they’ll fit well while riding.

Photochromic cycling glasses are also very popular. These lens colors change automatically, depending on the weather condition. The lenses start out lighter and then when they’re exposed to bright conditions, they’ll get darker. These are especially great when you’re riding in conditions that vary from shady overcast to sunny. 

You can also get bike glasses with interchangeable lenses. When using these, you choose a lens to wear for the ride, but you could bring the others along in case you need to change them for different weather conditions. They’ll usually come with a dark lens, a light contrast lens, and a clear option. The dark lens is to be worn when it’s sunny and bright, the contrast lens is for overcast conditions, and the clear lens is for early mornings, dusk or evenings. 

How about a casual looking pair of bike riding glasses that provide UV protection, fashion, and stay in place while you exercise? Check out Good’rs and the Tifosi Swanks! These cycling glasses stay in place even when you’re sweating and moving, but they look great off the bike too! Good’r has a serious following as they introduce new colors monthly. They’re so inexpensive that you can buy several and match all of your cycling outfits!

Cycling glasses in every shape and color are available at Bicycle World NY.

We stock the most popular cycling sunglasses from Dual , Goodr and  Tifosi.  We carry the best cycling glasses and sunglasses available and at prices to fit every budget!

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