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Eric has cycling in his blood and on his mind. At age 13, he commuted 15 miles to work as an apprentice at a now dissolved shop. He advanced to various shops, absorbing the techniques of many mechanics and recognizing the styles of the business managers and co-workers. As a competitor, Eric rode in the classic North Eastern races as a junior and Cat II with success. On the eve of departing for college, he was offered a chance to go to Europe and pursue cycling to the next level. He chose the college option.

After graduating Dickinson College in 1986 with concentrations in English literature and biology, Eric was drawn back to cycling. He took a trans-American driving trip with his mountain and road bikes, stopping at many legendary riding destinations along the way. Shortly therafter, Eric went into a partnership with a second party to start a shop in Delaware. Although grossly undercapitalized, Eric gradually built it into a healthy business which was then taken over by the partners. Lessons were learned about partnerships, about minimizing waste in a business, about selecting ideal products, and above all, about being intensely devoted to his customers’ needs.

As a way to address needs and overcome mechanical problems he has encountered in the bicycle business, Eric has a personal tradition of inventing resolutions. Due to the inadequate methods used to measure a rider, Eric produced a series of measuring tools, used to this day, that create to-the-millimeter accuracy that has become the starting point for ascertaining a rider’s optimal position. He created an early shifting lever arrangement that brought the shift levers off the frame and up to the brake levers. He removed flex in the front end of a bike, incurred while a rider pulls up on the bar, that conversely increases comfort during impact from the road by triangulating the tail of the handlebars back to the fork crown with thin stainless cables and special fittings. Eric’s most recent innovation facilitates fitting a fixed-gear or single-speed wheel to a bicycle with vertical rear dropouts, the prevalent frame design, making it possible to properly adjust chain tension. It is called Eric’s Eccentric ENO hub, manufactured by White Industries in Petaluma, CA. It is one of White’s most popular products at this time.

In 1993 Eric and his wife, Ilene, co-managed a store in Connecticut and were offered a chance to buy Bicycle World. The business was in need of a thorough resuscitation. They were up for the challenge; with great team spirit, Bicycle World grew to need new, larger surroundings. The same year their son Tyler was born, in 1998, Eric, Ilene, and staff renovated the building in which Bicycle World is currently located. Eric continues to grow and share his depth of understanding and passion for cycling; the machine, its parts, the optimal meshing of rider and bicycle, and the quadrants of physiology, biomechanics, psychology, and nutrition – solely for the benefit of his customers.
  • Eric’s current favorite ride: Felt F1 Paris-Roubaix
  • Favorite off-the-bike food: fish tacos
  • Favorite on-the-bike food: EFS energy drink and ClifBloks
  • Cat or Dog person? Both-grew up with dogs but currently has 3 cats.