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Meet Our Team

Ilene Marcos


Ilene Waxman Marcos, co-owner of Bicycle World, is originally from Newark, Delaware. She grew up playing competitive tennis and played for Dickinson College, where she graduated in 1986 with a BA in English. It is there that she met her husband Eric, Bicycle World’s other co-owner. Two years later, Ilene graduated from George Washington University with an MBA.

In 1988, Ilene moved back to Delaware to manage the family-owned tennis business. There, she was a certified tennis instructor, national tennis rater, and a certified racket stringer. The club held many national tournaments, and Ilene had the privilege of meeting many pro tennis players and stringing rackets for several of them.

In the early 90’s, Ilene and Eric, now married, were ready for a change and moved to Connecticut to work in a bicycle shop in Greenwich. It was there that Ilene learned to love the sport of bicycling as much as tennis! A couple of years later, Bicycle World became available. and Eric and Ilene decided to start their own bike shop. Although the original intention was to have a bicycle and tennis shop called Ball and Chain, the couple later revised the plan to include only bicycles, and so the current Bicycle World began.

In 1998, after a strong first five years of business and lot of hard work, Eric and Ilene were able to move the store to its current location at 7 East Main Street and expand their offerings. In that same year, Eric and Ilene also had their son, Tyler, who recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University.

Ilene’s major responsibilities in the shop include all of the finances and most of the ordering and merchandising. She says the best part of her job is that she loves to go to work every day.

  • Ilene’s current favorite ride: Felt Cafe 24 in tangerine!
  • Favorite off-the-bike food: salad of any kind
  • Favorite on-the-bike food: ClifBloks
  • Cat or dog person? Both, but has 2 cats at the moment.