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Cold Weather Biking

Cold weather biking can be tricky, so it’s important to dress properly. Layering for cold allows you to add or remove clothing as needed. In cold condition,s a cycling base layer is critical. It’s tight to the skin and draws moisture away from your body to keep you warm. On top of that, add an isulating layer of microfleece or wool, and then add a  jacket on the outside to keep out the wind. The insulating layers and jackets come in a variety of thicknesses to accomodate all different temperatures. Consider wearing bright colors to increase your visibility on the bike. In the fall and spring, arm and leg warmers can really help take the edge off the cool temps, but you’ll need to move to full tights in very cold conditions. As a general rule, you’ll want to be a little cool when you first start to ride, and you’ll warm up as the ride progresses. Remember to cover your knees in any temperatures below 60 degrees to keep the muscles warm. Covering your hands, feet, and head also help as those are usually the first areas to get cold. Headbands, skull caps, and full balaclavas help keep your head warm, and gloves and booties come in different thicknesses to address different riding temperatures for your hands and feet. Stop by our bike shop near you in Westchester County and talk with our cycling experts about cold weather riding and proper layering.  Choose from a wide variety of layers and outfits designed to keep you comfortable and looking good! To read our latest blog topic about cold weather riding, click here.