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Cycling Training in Winter

Do you want to retain peak conditioning for bicycle riding, especially during the cold months? Try these tips:

1. Cross training is great for cycling. Whether you run, lift weights, go to spin classes, or work out at the gym, staying active is critical for launching your cycling season.

2. Working out on an indoor cycling trainer is great for cyclists. Simply attach your bike to a resistance trainer, and you ride like you would normally ride on the road. When the spring rolls around, just unplug your bike and hit the road without having to adjust to a new body position. 

Trainers are a great way to keep riding all winter without breaking the budget. Stop by our bike shop and see our large selection of indoor trainers, and bring your bike to try one out! To see our in stock trainers, click here.

3. Whatever you do, just stay active!  Fitness apps are great tools to keep you motivated. For a list of suggested apps, 
click here. Our bike shop has been serving Westchester County for nearly 50 years. We have a full selection of bikes as well as bicycle accessories. You can also look to us for bike fitting and bike repair services.