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If you’re looking for a road bike near you, visit our bicycle shop in downtown Mt. Kisco, NY. We have bikes to fit any cyclist. From the Tour de France to a recreational Sunday ride, our road bikes span the complete spectrum – covering every rider, style, and performance need. We also sell gravel road bikes that have become increasingly popular among cyclists. 

Road bikes have a lightweight frame typically made from aluminum or carbon fiber with narrower wheels and tires built for speed, agility, and efficiency.  They’re used for fitness nuts, event riders, and competitive rider

cyclist on a highway leaning into a turn on a road bike
cyclist on a road riding a trek road bike

Selecting Your Road Bike

So how do you go about selecting the right road bike for your needs? Start by asking yourself some questions:

  1. What style of bike do you ride now?  
  2. What bikes are your friends riding?
  3. What’s your budget for a road bike? 

Keep in mind that road bikes perform best for pavement riding and speed. If you decide a road bike is right for you, we have them for sale from some of the bike industry’s top suppliers:  Trek, Felt, Jamis, Cervelo, Scott, and Argon18.

Road Bike Sizing is Important

The most critical part of buying a road bike is getting the bike that fits you perfectly.  So, you’ll want to pay attention to the seat height and horizontal positioning, reach and drop to the handlebars, and body angles with the bike.  In addition, their saddles are generally long and narrow with light padding to support long rides that can last several hours. The key is making sure you get a good bike fit.

The more comfortable you are on your road bike, the fewer aches and pains you’ll endure. Moreover, it enhances your pedaling efficiency and bike handling so you can better enjoy your riding. Plus, it pays to get a proper bike fitting. When you ride your bike on Westchester County roads, it will pay off. Just ask us, and we’ll be happy to book a fitting appointment for you. 

Road Bike Frames

You know the frame can make or break a bike if you’re an avid cyclist. Road bike frames are typically aluminum or carbon, with steel and titanium used in special niche bikes. However, the frame material you select and its overall quality of components will impact the cost.

Traditional road frames use compact geometry, with a sloping top tube to make a smaller, lighter frame and improve standover height. So you must buy the right size and shape frame for your size and riding.

Other Key Road Bike Considerations

You’ll want to keep in mind some other areas when buying a road bike. Each will impact the overall cost of your bike, but can each can significantly improve overall performance.

  • Brakes: Most bikes are now coming standard with disc brakes, but some rim braked models are still available if you prefer that. 
  • Handlebars: Road bikes use dropped handlebars and allow for multiple positions. As a result, the bike’s bar width and shape vary so that you can tailor your road bike to fit you perfectly. For example, if you’re looking to tackle steep climbs or go cruising, place your hands on the side of the stems and the tops of the handlebars. Next, the hoods are the brake lever covers and provide a comfortable stretch and good leverage for climbing out of the saddle. Finally, the drops are the lower parts of the bar, used for a lower position at speed. 
  • Cassette: Road bikes use more tightly packed gears together to help you pedal at ideal speeds. So most road bikes, apart from entry-level ones, now have 11 sprockets.

When you’re ready to buy a bike, we have a large selection at our bike shop. First, we’ll set you up with a bike fitting. And you can take a look at our wide assortment of bike gear, including cycling eyewear, bike computers, cycling shoes, and a whole lot more!

If you ever run into any issues, we’ll get you back on the road fast. For example, our bike repair shop won accolades as one of the best in New York. We can help you with everything from precision tune-ups to more minor bike repairs.

Comments from Our Customers

“Technical support is the best in Westchester County. (Perhaps it’s the best in the entire NY metro area.) The proprietor, Eric Marcos, is the finest wrenchman this side of the Tour de France. With an engineer’s mind, and the perspective of an accomplished athlete, Marcos is “the guy” you want to tackle ultra precise race-day tunes as well as devise creative solutions for difficult cycling challenges. I live between Manhattan and Aspen, Colorado, and I have found no better mechanic. Whether you’re participating in your first or tenth Ironman triathlon, or just haul your butt up to the top of Mount Washington, Bicycle World is the place to go for relevant advice about your bike and all of its components.”- Evan Marks


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