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Triathlon Bikes


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Visit our triathlon bike store in downtown Mt. Kisco. We have a great selection of bikes along with all the bike accessories you could ever think of!

Triathlon bikes are the answer when “run-bike-swim” becomes your mantra.  Tri bikes differ from road bikes in great measure because of the steeper seat angle. That steeper seat angle delivers a more aerodynamically shaped frame designed to slice through the wind, while still providing stability and control.  The more aero-based shape makes steep climbing easier. Road bikes just don’t offer the same aerodymanic capabilities you’ll get on a triathlon bike.

Bicycle World stocks some of the best triathlon bikes on the market featuring cutting edge technology. Our bike fitting services ensure you’ll get a perfect fit to make your ride even better. In fact, some of the top-level triathletes in their races at Lake Placid, Kona, and other locations have trusted us as their triathlon bike outfitter.

In addition to tri bikes, we offer cycling apparel and triathlon gear to help you achieve your goals, and look good doing it. Bottom line … if you’re a triathlete looking for the best equipment, make sure you stop by our triathlon bike store in Westchester County to check out our great line of triathlon bikes. You won’t be sorry.

We’ll also take care of you after your purchase with bike repair. Our bike repair technicians are as good as you can get. They’ll help keep your triathlon bike road worthy with tune-ups, maintenance, and any necessary repairs.

Comments from Our Customers

“Bicycle World is my go to shop for anything to support my biking experience. Eric set up my bike for me and the small adjustments he made enabled me to ride a bike with no neck pain! That was huge. Ilene is always helpful on the retail end with shoes, helmets and clothing and answering questions. Great bike shop!!”- Karla Booth