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Used Bikes

A used bike is a great way to get back into or enter into the cycling world. Maybe you haven’t ridden a bike in sometime and are you’re getting the urge. Maybe you’ve never owned a bike and would like to give it a try. Or maybe you’re just thrifty and looking for a way to save some bucks when buying a bike. It doesn’t matter why … a used bicycle is great starting point for a beginner.

What to Look for When You Buy a Used Bike The first decision is determining what you want from your used bike. Are you looking to shuttle around town? Are you hoping to put in some road work? Are you looking to hit the trails and enjoy the great outdoors? Those decisions will impact the kind of used bike to buy whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, gravel bike or other style. Of course, available inventory will factor into the decision. Our used bike inventory in our Mt. Kisco cycling shop is constantly changing based on bikes we have taken on trade. You can always check our most current stock by just giving us a call at the bike shop at 914-666-4044.

Speaking of trades, we will consider bike shop quality brands in good condition and purchased within the last 10 years for possible trade-in.  You can bring your used bike in anytime to have its value assessed.  If you’re making a purchase, you can use the credit right away, or we’ll issue a store credit for future use. We are unable to offer cash for bikes we purchase.

Check Out the Used Bikes at Our Mt. Kisco Bike Store

We offer a selection of reconditioned bikes that are 100% mechanically sound, and we warranty them for 30 days. When you buy from us, you’ll be assured of a getting a used bike from our Mt. Kisco bike store that has been thoroughly inspected and worth the purchase. Prices vary, but a used bicycle is a great opportunity to get a cycling shop quality bike at a fraction of the original cost. And get into the cycling game! While you’re at it, talk to us about a bike fitting to make your cycling adventures even better.

And don’t worry if you ever need bike repair of any kind. Our local bike shop has a team of top-notch technicians who can get you back on the road fast. You’ll have a tough time finding a better bicycle repair shop near you.

Comments from Our Customers

“Great shop for the focused rider, new rider, or a parent looking for a bike (they even sell re-furbished that are like new!) for their kids.”-Michael Antonaccio