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Why Electric Bikes might be the greatest thing to hit the bike industry in years

At the latest Independent Bike Dealer Summit in Arizona, e-bikes were a hot topic. While many shops have already embraced the e-bike movement, many still struggle with how, or if, to add these to their sales floor. Europe’s bike market is more progressive than the US market in this regard, and industry experts say that […]


Should disc brakes be allowed in pro cycling? A Pro and Con discussion.

Disc Brakes in Pro Cycling? Why not?!? Much debate has been happening around the use of disc brakes in professional road cycling. They were provisionally approved for several spring classics races this year, but they were re-banned after reports of the discs injuring riders in crashes, allegedly causing severe lacerations. Rumors persist that they’ll try […]


Does technology improve your riding?

I’ve never understood why anybody would be against progress.  Ok, I sort of get it…some people long for a simpler time, when things may not have been so complicated.  Then again, if the “complications” are defined as things like indoor plumbing and refrigeration, I’ll take “complicated” any day.