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Why Buy A Bike From Our Shop

Bicycles are vehicles that can travel at high speeds and withstand demanding conditions. To do their best, they need to be constructed of high-quality materials, assembled by competent and trained bicycle mechanics, and be properly adjusted to fit you right. By purchasing your new bike from us, instead of a mass merchant or online, you receive numerous advantages that will ensure a lifetime of cycling enjoyment.

Bike Comfort and Fit:

People come in all sizes and need the expert fit that we provide. We will ensure that your bike is the right size and adjusted properly just for you. Test rides and follow-up tuning are part of the process of buying a bike here. The result is easy, efficient, and safe cycling- and more fun!


We have a wide selection of bicycle models, sizes, styles, and colors. Our expert staff will coach you through the process of finding the best bike for you.


Bicycles come in boxes and need to be assembled carefully and properly to be safe, work right, and hold up. Our bikes are assembled in-store by experienced mechanics, and each is test ridden to ensure proper function and safety. They are then carefully fit to you at the time of purchase. Test rides, tune-ups, and instructions assure safe and great rides.


We offer a wide selection of quality cycling accessories, helmets, and clothing in many models, colors, and sizes. Our staff will consult with you to find the right accessories and gear for your bike. We can also help you figure out the best places to ride.


Our shop employs knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff; most are cyclists with detailed knowledge in the field. Our only job is satisfying your cycling needs, and we love doing it!


Bicycles sold at our shop come with full warranties. Most problems can be resolved in-house. We stand behind our bikes and products with experienced mechanics and riding experts.


We are a central source for more than just great bicycles, accessories, and apparel. We can help you find great rides, the latest cycling information, and we often serve as advocates for better bike paths and facilities in our area. Additionally, we provide mechanical support for several local rides each season, and make donations to local charities. We pay taxes to our town and county to improve local infrastructure and schools. Every year we donate reconditioned children’s bikes to the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester and the Community  Center in Katonah at the holidays. Giving back to our local community is a large part of our mission. Buying from Amazon doesn’t do anything to support our local ecomony!

Value after the Sale:

Our experienced staff welcomes post-sale service and adjustments. We want to satisfy your needs and help you fully enjoy cycling!