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Professional Bike Fitting

Why not take advantage of our professional bike fitting services? Our variety of bicycle fitting services draw from a deep well of experience. We have performed thousands  of successful bike fittings over our 30-plus years in cycling. If a rider’s body is ideally supported they will be much more comfortable, avoid injury, and perform phenomenally better. Whether you are buying a new road bike from Bicycle World, currently have a bike that isn’t delivering comfort and efficiency, or want to add aerobars to your setup, our “new bike,” “existing,” and “aerobar” fits are the answers, respectively. 

Check out our Testimonials Page for great feedback from other customers about our professional bike fitting services.

Fitting For a New Bicycle

We believe it is better to aim at a target, and thoroughly understand the target, before firing.  Why rush impulsively into a bike choice? Despite repeated attempts, there is no way for a rudimentary size chart to capture what makes your body perform differently from someone's of similar length. Bicycles easily last a decade. so any mistakes will be around for a long time. There is no way for a rider to get fitted properly  other  than in person, real time. Every one of our riders remarks that they love the fit process and results.

All road bikes sold at Bicycle World are chosen based on information discovered during your fitting session. We believe that investing time and knowledge in your cycling comfort is the best thing for us all. We charge a nominal fee ($50) for the process that gets fully refunded  with the purchase of your bicycle. So, the net cost is $0. During the session, we will create a detailed "fit card" for you, that is kept in our files. 

Bicycle frames are offered in different geometries because people vary tremendously. We have always said there is no such thing as a "stock person" and that is why there is no universal "stock bike". We have fitted identical twins, and in no case have these physical duplicates ended up at the same fit coordinates! Even if two people are genetically identical, how they use their bodies, their level of flexibility, and their injury history yield different results.

We use a great variety of devices in the fit process.  We have invested in a new state-of-the-art fitbike made by Purely Custom, which has the capability to create any configuration imaginable. For example, we recently fitted a 6'10" man for a custom  Co-Motion touring bike and the next rider was a 4'10" woman getting dialed for a hardtail mountain bike!  We perform accurate, repeatable body measurements with a custom tool we designed for such a purpose. Many other tools are used to home in on the ideal position, like a varus/valgus forefoot measuring tool because decisions made inside and below the sole of a rider's shoe influence the entire body.

The list of specialty tools we use in fittings goes on, but the ultimate point is that it is not the drumset, it is the drummer.  There are many purportedly high tech systems on the market (yes, we use lasers too!) but the systems do not replace the experience of the fitter. Critics of some fitting systems equate them to Oz; behind the curtain and trying to impress with lots of "tech" but are ultimately just a sales tool. We have thoroughly checked them out and will continue to refine our offerings in the endless search for the ideal. We are after valid results, not a techfest that seems very exciting but distracts us from what matters. A camera cannot capture the three dimensional soft tissue subtlety of a cyclist in motion as can the trained human eye.

It may seem like an inconvenience to set up a fitting appointment for a new bike. It typically takes 60-90 minutes for the session. We have to ask, would you trade in one short ride to be sure all subsequent rides are better? We have a long history of happy riders, referring friends and family. Once someone has felt the improvements they cannot imagine any other approach.  Local cycling clubs and ride organizers consistently recommend us because every time a member gets fitted, they ride so much better!

Please allot 60-90 minutes for a new bike fitting and bring cycling shorts and shoes, if you have them. The information obtained during the fitting will remain in our fit file and will be used solely to determine the right size of bike from our store's options. We do not provide measurements for use at other stores, or for online purchases. Fittings are scheduled Tuesdays- Fridays.

The fee is $50.00 and is refundable with the purchase of your new bicycle from our store.

Why is a new bike fitting necessary?

Bicycle Dealer magazine's July 2013 issue agrees that a fitting before buying a new road bike is necessary. "From a technical perspective, the fit-first sales process eliminates the guesswork that so often confronts retailers when attempting to optimize a consumer's preferred riding position on a particular bike. For example, many consumers can often ride multiple sizes of a given bike model. The old sales model would force a retailer to have to make a semi-educated guess on frame size based on height and inseam, or an in-store demo on both sizes on a trainer. These options are inaccurate and time-consuming respectively, and ultimately do not provide consumers with a clear point of view on which model or size is the best choice for them. By following a fit-first sales protocol, platform selection (race vs. endurance) and appropriate size are addressed before a consumer even looks at colors or price points.

This protocol ensures that a consumer's final bike selection will give them the best possible cycling experience.

The fit-first sales process has become the best approach for retailers to utilize when selling bikes to their consumers- one that is beneficial for both sides and improves the overall shopping experience. Whether a consumer is in the market for a $500 commuter bike, or a $10,000 super bike, selecting a bike based on proper sizing and riding position is the best way to ensure that consumers make the right decision about the bike they wish to purchase. Welcome to the fit-first sales process." (used with permission from the editors of Bicycle Dealer magazine)

Fitting for an Existing Bike

The goal of an existing bike fit is to optimize your comfort and efficiency on your current bike. With an existing bike fit, you will benefit from our extensive experience and insight. Every rider is a biomechanical puzzle. We'll use all of the measuring devices, experience, and tools used in a new bike fitting to optimize your fit. You may be asked to answer questions relating to your goals for cycling and past injury history, if applicable.

In some cases, components may need to be changed (ex: stem, handlebars) and there will be an additional charge in parts and labor.

Please allot 90-120 minutes for an existing bike fitting and bring your bike, cycling shorts and shoes, if you have them. Fittings are scheduled Tuesdays-Fridays. Measurements obtained during the existing bike fitting will remain on file in our shop. We do not provide measurements for use at other stores, or for online purchases. 

The fee is $200.00

Aerobar Fitting

Depending on whether a rider is looking for a comfort position for ultra endurance events, a sprint, Olympic, Half or Full Ironman, aerobar placement needs to be correct for each discipline.

Please allot 30 minutes for an aerobar fitting and bring your bike, cycling shorts, jersey and shoes, if you have them.

The fee is $40.00 plus the cost of aerobars. If you bring your own aerobars, the cost is $60.00. Fittings are scheduled Tuesdays-Fridays.

Dynamic Cleat and Pedal Fitting

Getting pedals and shoes set up properly could be the single most important thing you do on your bike as proper fitting extends up from the feet. Just like walking and standing affect your back and posture, cleat placement can have a huge impact on your efficiency and riding. We'll take the time to fit you for shoes (if you don't have them already) and align the cleats to the most optimal position for your body geometry and pedaling.

Please allot about 30 minutes and the fee for this fitting is $50.00 Fittings are scheduled Tuesdays-Fridays. 

A proper bicycle fitting is the key to enjoying cycling. After thousands of successful fittings, we draw on years of expertise to make sure that your riding experience is ideal. We'll sweat the details, so that you can get out there and perform your best!

Fittings are done by appointment, please call the shop to schedule, or use our contact link. Please be prompt for your appointment and give us at least 24 hours' notice if you need to reschedule. Fittings are scheduled Tuesdays-Fridays.

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